*** As of April 1st, 2021 we will require all pets( dog and cat) to maintain a schedule of 16 weeks or less**

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Now... let's give you some basic information for your knowledge about properly maintaining your favourite pets skin/coat!

- Dogs of all breeds require regular grooming on an average of every 4-8 weeks, regardless as to whether that means a full hair cut, a bath and tidy or a deshed service.

-Dogs who shed have a regular growth cycle and shed cycle that require that extra coat to be removed to keep your pets skin in it's healthiest state.

-Regular grooming allows for proper skin care and conditioning as well as allows your groomer to notice anything that could possibly be going on with your pets skin under all that fur we love!

- Dogs groomed to allow for longer length may require more frequent grooming to ensure they can keep those beautiful coats!

- Cats DO NOT groom themselves, cats lick themselves spreading their excessive body oils and saliva across their bodies. This is what produces dander which is what most people are commonly allergic to.

- Cats should be groomed including bath and blow dry on an average of every 6 weeks. This prevents your cat from having excessive oils residing on its skin, from stud tail (a build up of body oils at the base of the tail), chin acne, hair balls and that clumpy looking coat which will eventually turn into matting. Matting is extremely uncomfortable on your pet and can result in bruising and pressure sores on the skin as well as other damage to your kitty's skin as it cannot breathe under a thick and dense coat.

-Cats on a regular grooming schedule lead to a happier healthier cats! This also allows your groomer to note any changes to skin and coat which likely will not otherwise be noticed as quickly.

Should you have any questions on proper maintenance of your furry friends please do not hesitate to ask!!!

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